The aim of this research is to analyze teacher’s point of view towards using the visual aids like projectors, animation videos, films and videos for enhancing the literary skills of students. The research was conducted with the help of qualitative approach, and close-ended questionnaire was developed for this purpose. The population targeted for this study was the teachers and the students from the public and private schools in Illinois. The primary data is used for analyzing the quality of the research. The SPSS software is used for validating the data, and it was presented in the form of a line graph, pie chart, and bar chart so that the reader could visualize that what is the predicted score the research has contributed towards the success of the study. Thus, the data gathered from the research shows that the teachers and the students are positively motivated to use the visual aids for teaching and learning processes as it makes things more interactive and engaging.


The second most important component of life is education other than the food for survival. It is important is the way that without education, any individual is unable to get along with the aggressive pace. The essential elements for better education are excellent teaching skills and the student’s willingness towards learning. The process of learning can become active only if the students are not bound to limits rather they are encouraged to explore to ask the question so that they can use their creative thoughts to polish their skills.

With the technological innovation, different techniques are proposed for better teaching experience. The older methods are obsolete because the education and the learning environment are changing over time due to the increasing competition and intellectual pace of the world. The students come from a different background and have a different pace of learning. Therefore, it is on the teachers discrete that how he manages the class and make them learn equitably. With the help of visual aids, it is comparatively easier to explain the concepts. This fact has been proved by numerous researchers that the children have sharper observation skills then the elders, therefore, there are likely chances that even the students with inferior IQ will be able to conceive the knowledge better through the visual aid learning style.

The instructional aides help the students to better understand regarding the longer explanation written in the books. This fact is further supported Burton that the learning process is simulated and motivated through the visual objects and images used in the visual aids. However, Kinder, S. James recommended the use of visual aid through his research and supported that Visual aids could be any technique with the help of whom the learning process is made more convenient, real and interactive (Ripley, n.d.).

The images like bars, graphs, and data presented in the tabular form could be well understood for the reason that the images could be enlarged easily, whereas, it the books the images remain in their size which becomes difficult for the readers to understand. The curriculum is changing, and it has involved more interactive activities than a simple reading of the textbook for catering these needs the assistance of visual aids could make the students learn even the toughest of courses quickly. Thus, the visual aids have become the most important way of disseminating information and have been considered as an important technique to be adopted during the teaching at all levels.

The psychology of visual aid is researched, and the data represent that 1% of the learning among children comes from the sense of taste. The feeling of touch helps to generate 1.5% of the total education. The 3.5% of the learning is achieved with the support of a sense of smell, and 83% of the primary school is earned through the sense of sight and hearing. It is also claimed by the scientists that people remember what they saw and heard by 70% to any other medium. Thus, the techniques like visual aids have helped the people to get maximum benefit out of their senses.

Significance of Research

The teaching procedures are made more interactive and lively with the help of visual aids. This technology helps in explaining the concepts more clearly and in simpler means. The significance of research generated for the influence of visual aid on learning are listed as below:

  1. The students will be able to retain the concepts more than the children who are taught through the traditional learning styles.
  2. The visual aids influence the students to learn enthusiastically.
  3. The presentation of images more accurately in a viewable size helps the students to learn about it.
  4. The conceptual thinking procedure is supported well by the assistance of visual aids.
  5. The visual aids assist in creating an engaging environment for the learners.
  6. The students can improve the vocabulary quicker than the students learning from the traditional means.
  7. The visual aids help the students to explore their potential and think out of the box.

Aims of Research

To explore the benefits and usage of visual aids for making the teaching process better for the public and private school Illinois.

Objectives of Research

The below listed are the primary aims of this research (Sahlberg, 2006):

  1. To examine the teachers capacity and views on using the visual aid as a conventional component of teaching at the public and primary schools of Georgia.
  2. To investigate the use of similarities and differences among the teacher’s style of using the visual aids.
  3. To study the teacher’s opinion about the usage of visual aid for any particular topic, gender or location.
  4. To identify the structural use of visual aids for the schools and universities.
  5. To investigate the expected problems to occur during the use of visual aids.
  6. To study the teachers capacity of using the visual aids and how it can help them to make the teaching effective.
  7. To consider that how the class session can be made more interactive with the support of using the visual aids.
  8. To investigate that how the use of visual aids improve the students observing and learning skills.

Review of Literature

The learning in the education is a complicated process. To learn from heart ahs no positive influence on the human mind to the learning procedure which is conducted through the observing and learning through an interactive environment.

The learning process, when reinforced through a different style, helps the individual to gain more attention and focus on the learning end.

The instructional aides help the teachers to impart the knowledge better than trying through the ordinary ways of teaching. Singh claimed through his research in 2005 that any technological equipment which enhances the student’s experiences to learn through hearing or seeing then the typical learning comes under the label of visual aids. Thus, with the help of visual aids the learning process is made more convenient and interactive; however, the technical way of presenting the information regarding the charts, graphs, and data in the table form is known as the instructional way of using the visual technique.

Rather proposed in 2004 that the visual aids present the past information with the essence of availability at the moment (Benoit, n.d.). Thus, the use of visual, auditory senses helps the individual to learn through the availability of knowledge which is made clearer with the help of visual aids. Jane further investigated the use of visual aids in 2008 and presented this information that the benefit and the use of visual aids are based on the Chinese proverb “Once sighted is equivalent to hundred words.” Thus, the use of visual aids helps the students to learn quicker and more permanently than other methods of learning and also assists the control over the human body.

Kishore proposed the theory in 2009 that the visual aids help in collaboration and improvement in the cognitive sense and the learning process. The visual aids can help the teacher to make a better appearance and presence in the class than the traditional ways of learning. The teaching is a tricky subject, few students are comfortable to be handled through conventional techniques, whereas, other students may become demanding and create an awkward situation for the learning process, therefore, for such community better it is to use the visual aids.

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