If done properly, video production can be broken down into three main stages that will ensure you are sending the right message to your consumer base and not wasting any valuable time or money on the wrong production.

Planning stage:

The single most important stage of video production is the planning. Before any casting or production begins you have to sit down and really think about the message your business or brand wants to get across. Are you in the medical field and looking for new patients? Are you introducing your business team to your clients? Are you trying to sell a specific product? These are all important questions to consider.

Working with a production company will allow you to follow a step-by-step process and produce a creative brief. Once the brief is complete, the production crew can follow through with it to ensure that no surprises or changes come up. The brief will allow you to determine the exact message you are trying convey.

Production stage:

The production stage can last anywhere from a day to weeks depending on the length and type of video you choose. The brief established in the planning stage will determine the amount of time necessary. An experienced video production team can streamline the filming process to make sure your video avoids any unnecessary costs or additional shooting days.

At One Productions, the film crew uses the latest in technology to shoot videos on high-definition cameras and ensure that your video is crisp and professional looking. We have high-end production equipment, such as crane and dolly as standard. The crew at any company should have you involved throughout the entire shoot.

Post Production stage:

The post-production stage takes all the material shot and blends it together to create the finished product. With editing equipment and software, your video production company will add effects, music, transitions, etc. A good video production company will keep clients an integral part of this process.

Every company should offer their client a rough edit to go over and critique and change prior to finalization. Once the finishing recommendations are complete, the editing team should provide you with a great product to start distributing by mail, on social media, at events or anywhere else you desire.

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