Step 1: Shoot Your Video

This first step is all up to you: get out your video camera (or even just your iPhone) and record that video!

Of course, a good YouTube video needs to follow a strategy: that’s why we also offer an end-to-end strategy and marketing plan to each of our clients.

Step 2: Upload the Raw File to Our Client Portal

You focus on recording your video: we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you upload the raw file to our client portal, you can just sit back and relax. Our professional video editors will clean up any mistakes and polish your videos until they shine. Don’t re-record just because you sneezed or your cat knocked the camera over: we can take care of that.

Our client portal is user-friendly and easy. We made this for people like you who don’t want to waste time on their videos when there’s more important work to be done.

Get back to your business and leave the video editing to us.

Step 3: We Edit For the Best Video Possible

Once you’ve uploaded your video, it’s our turn. We’re going to take that video and turn it into something your audience will love. It’s time to catch the eyes and hold the attention of your target audience.

Want to learn exactly what we do with your videos? Here are four things that our professional video editors will handle when you send in your video:

Audio Correction

Plenty can go wrong with the audio of your video. And many times, you might not even notice until you’re watching the video over again. Maybe there’s some background noise like a car beeping, your phone ringing, or something as simple as a fan in the background. The audio may also need to be adjusted if you were speaking too softly.

Our audio correction services also include adding audio effects, which we’ll talk more about below.

Lighting Correction

The light in your videos is important, not just because it helps viewers to see you well, but also because it can set a tone in your videos. Having the right light can also draw your viewers’ eyes to the right spot on the screen.

Our YouTube video editing service includes adjusting the lighting for the best view.

For example, maybe the light in your video changes because natural light coming in from a window is disrupted by clouds or the light changes due to the movement of the sun. Our editors will make sure you don’t get whited out by sunlight, and that the right amount of light is focused on important parts of the screen.

Music and Audio Effects

Music is directly related to emotions, so adding music to your videos can help viewers to feel a certain way right from the outset.

When done correctly, adding music to your videos can build anticipation and excitement. It mixes up the audio in a nice way, drawing people’s attention.

Our video editing team knows exactly when to add music, as well as how to find the right music for your particular video. They’re experts at scoping out royalty-free music that will spice up your videos and enhance the message you’re presenting.

They’ll also add the right fade in and fade out at the right times in your video.

Punchy Jump Cuts

Jump cuts are sections of your video that get cut out in order to make the video run more smoothly from start to finish.

These kinds of cuts can include repeated words or phrases, or mistakes that need to be removed. By removing these kinds of distractions, your video will run straight through from beginning to end, and the viewer’s mind will stay focused on the topic at hand. Jump cuts can also be used as a transitional effect that removes unnecessary pauses.

This keeps the video snappy and fast-paced, thus holding the attention of your audience.

Step 4: Review the End Result

So, our YouTube video editing professionals have just finished up with your video: now it’s time for you to check out the results.

At this point, you can review what our editing team has done with your video. If you see anything you’d like to change, this is the moment to let us know so that we can make your video exactly the way you want it.

After we’ve added any edits that you request at the end, your video is done! We’ve used this same process to edit thousands of videos and grow the YouTube channels of major international brands.

They’re getting thousands of views every month, and reaping the rewards of working with a professional YouTube marketing agency. The question is: will your brand be next?

Why You Need a YouTube Video Editing Service

Sometimes we don’t realize what we need until we try it. Don’t you ever wonder how we lived before smartphones?

Our clients have that kind of ‘Aha!’ moment when they taste for themselves these three major benefits of working with a YouTube video editing service:

You Save Valuable Time

Your time is a precious resource that is quickly evaporating. Never mind the time that you really need to dedicate to your business: what about the time you spend at home, at the store, with your family, or pursuing hobbies and other goals?

When you edit your own videos, the time must come from one or more of these activities. Which one are you willing to sacrifice?

The point is that most people who start YouTube channels for marketing quickly realize they can’t keep up with the demands of life and still have time to make their videos perfect. That means they either post raw videos that few people will watch, or they give up on YouTube altogether. Don’t fall into either of these categories.

With a YouTube video editing service, you could spend as little as one hour per monthcreating your video content.

Get back to what’s important, and let us take care of the video editing.

Focus on One Thing: Shooting the Video

When video editing is taken out of the picture, you get to focus on just one part of your YouTube marketing: shooting your videos.

With the extra time, you’ll be able to focus on creating valuable content for your videos that people will really enjoy watching. Focus on making your videos attention-grabbing and useful for your audience, and we’ll take care of the technical side.

Your Videos Will Look Professional and Catch People’s Attention

Marketing videos are not the same as your little brother’s vlog. Your competition knows that, and they’re making high-quality videos with all of the corrections and effects that we mentioned above.

When you send your videos in for professional editing, you’ll get a professional-looking result that will set you above the competition.

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