As with any good video in order to get it right it’ll need some edits. Editing your videos shouldn’t be that expensive either as there are some good, free, safe and easy to use video editing software in the internet.

Video editing has been made easy by tools that are readily available online. However, not all programs do what they’re supposed to. A lot of such freeware packages are harmful and contain spyware/adware. Nevertheless, there’re a lot that are quite professional and there are even some that come without watermarks. Most of them are downloadable as apps for both iOS and Android systems that make them very handy for GoPro and smart device video editing. This allows for the editing to be done on the device for quick easy video creation and delivery.

As there are so many on the market, we’ve put together a selection of 7 of the best free video editing software on the internet.

Some of the software listed below are all recommended for either both Windows and Mac.


Openshot is a great free video editing software for beginners who wants to edit YouTube videos. It has a very easy drag and drop facility that is much like that of iMovie and it’s excellent for making special occasion films.


  • The software is available for PC running Windows 10, 8 and 7. It’s also compatible with Linux and Mac platforms.
  • It caters for both the novice user and the more experienced one.
  • The program’s advanced timeline allows for panning, scrolling, zooming, snapping and easy drag and drop.
  • The package comes with a whole trove of 3D animated subtitles, you can create titles or choose some from the hose of templates it has.
  • The software is a full open source system.


  • It doesn’t have a very comprehensive help section.


If you’re looking for a professional video editing system then Lightworks is one of the best on the internet. This software is jammed full of useful utilities and features that more meet the needs of any user. It comes with a $25 per month Pro Version but the free version is more than adequate for most people’s editing needs.


  • Video trimming to the highest precision standard.
  • It supports almost all video formats and allows for 720p video export to Youtube.
  • It comes with all the standard and advanced video features.
  • It’s one of the top packages for all kinds of video editing.
  • The software is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac operating system platforms.


  • The video support in 4K for YouTube is only an option in the paid Pro version of the software.
  • It’s not user-friendly for a beginner.


As with most iProducts they’re relatively easy to use and come with just enough utilities and features. It’s a really great package in which anyone with a Mac can learn the basics of video editing. iMovie has easy to use drag and drop features, it’s very intuitive but there is only so much you can do with this software.


  • It’s one of the best program packages for Mac users to learn how to edit a video.
  • Its features are very easy to use.
  • 4k/60fps Video Recording with the Sony IMX377 Image Sensor capturing high-quality video in full High Definition (HD) and 12MP still images.


  • Available only on Mac.
  • The software has limited features.
  • Slow / sluggish rendering time.

Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a hand free app that comes with Windows. It’s a very easy to use and simple piece of software that allows a person to add various background music, effects, titles and transitions to their videos. It has come a long way since it was first released.


  • It’s a system application that comes standard with Windows 7, 8.
  • Easy to use timeline for adding clips.
  • Has all the basic functions like slow motion, speed-up, trimming, video playback preview, etc.
  • Enables the user to edit and capture feed direct for the PC camera.
  • Excellent for beginners wanting to learn how to do some video editing before going into a more complicated application.


  • Only available on the Windows 7 and 8 platform.
  • Limited functionality and features.
  • Windows 10 no longer supports Movie Maker. For the OS you have to get Movie Moments from the store.
  • People experienced in video editing will be limited with this application.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is one of the best apps. However, the problem with this application is that it’s only available for Windows users. It’s also quite expensive to get support on a problem because the free version doesn’t come with free support. The will charge you a monthly cost of $9.99 or a yearly one of $14.99. If you choose to buy the Pro version for $19.99 the support is free, and it unlocks a host of great functions.


  • The software is available only on the Windows Operating System Platform.
  • Although VSDC free version comes with some power packed features, it does lack in quite a bit of powerful features and functionality.
  • VSDC comes standard with audio editing and correction of color.
  • The software is really easy to use.


  • Most of the features are available only in the Pro version.
  • Support of the product is free only for a paid Pro member or if you pay for a month / a year.

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